Towards Zero Waste

  • We throw ~450 tonnes of waste - that’s the weight of 120 elephants - into our landfills every day in Madurai.
  • Each year, we generate 46.5 million tons of waste in India.
  • There are an estimated ~1.5 million rag pickers who work in our streets and our landfills - they have an average life expectancy of 39 years.

Poorly Managed waste is

Bad for Health

  • Increases mosquito populations; Dengue - Up 8x in the past 6 years.
  • Worsens the stray dog menace.
  • Produces Leachate - Liquid discharge from landfills which causes birth defects, cancers, asthma and diarrhoea.

Bad for Climate

  • Worsens Air and Water Pollution.
  • Landfills are a source of methane - a potent greenhouse gas.

Dengue cases Report


  • Achieved 90% reduction of the waste sent to the landfill from our premises
  • Developed videos to educate the public.
  • Promoting awareness & Providing training to Schools/Colleges/Institutions/Apartments.


"Session was informative, interesting and useful."
"Helpful for studies and they gave an clear report of pollution and causes of dangers."
"Given awareness & tips about how to control waste. It was wonderful."
"It is more useful, learned how to make compost form wet waste."

- Sri Ridhi Apartments

"This session is very useful for the environmental pollution control."
"Preparation of compost by easy way is learned."
"Segregation and seller of dry waste is learned."

- Southern Roadways Limited

"Promote awareness in schools"
"Learned how to reproduce the waste."

- Zodiac Homes

"Compost session is very useful to us."

- Gowri Vilas

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